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Tips on styling our Roman's watches

February 21, 2022 1 min read

Roman’s Silver, an elegant style silver watch with thin dial, is best paired with business wear as business wear calls for simple and uncomplicated styles. On a black conservative suit, the colour silver would surely stand out without looking too flashy or attention-seeking. It’s also important to note that silver watches match best with clothes and shoes in black, gray, and blue shades.

Roman’s Knight, a timeless black steel watch on blue dial, is best paired with dark outfits. Black can literally be paired with anything. But the rule of thumb is this: twin dark with dark and light with light.Roman’s knight is best worn at night, so go ahead and pair it with dark-colored long sleeves or shirt. 

Take note to also pair your watch with your other accessories, so you may also want to choose dark-colored belts and shoes, such as navy blue or brown, when wearing the Roman’s Knight. Feel free to dress casually in this — even a simple t-shirt and shorts would look polished with the black watch.

 Roman’s Obsidian  and  Roman’s Sapphire— the Roman collection’sgolds, it’s best to wear them with formal clothes such as long sleeves and some slacks. After all, a gold watch is a statement piece in itself. You wouldn’t want to wear casual shorts and a t-shirt with something so bold. Gold watches work best in special events and gatherings, so we suggest you don’t wear them too frequently.